The 2018-19 Season As It Happened

Eastern Conference

  1. Boston: Best team to the conference 1 to 12
  2. Toronto:  We The North (Kawhi or Bust)
  3. Philadelphia:  Still processing
  4. Washington:  As long as they get along , they will be fine
  5. Indiana:  The NBA’s “Nice Girl”
  6. Milwaukee:  Eric Bledsoe, its time
  7. Detroit:  Upgrading the coach will upgrade the roster
  8. Miami: One more playoff trip for Flash

All Stars:  Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Kawhi Leonard,  Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons,  Victor Oladipo, Brad Beal, Giannis,  Blake Griffin, Kemba Walker, Andre Drummond

First Coach Fired: Tyronn Lue

Hope you are renting, not owning:  K. Walker but watch Kyle Lowry if his Post -DeMar mood does not improve

Eastern Conference Finals: Boston vs Toronto

  1. Golden State: Win one for Boogie
  2. Oklahoma City:  Settled PG = All Star PG
  3. Houston:  It won’t be Melo’s fault this time
  4. New Orleans: Triple Crown AD
  5. Utah: If they can find easier ways to score…
  6. Los Angeles Lakers: Patience Required
  7. Denver: Jokic Meets World
  8.  San Antonio:  Pop’s Last Ride?

All-Stars: Stephen Curry, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Donovon Mitchell, Paul George, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Nikola Jokic,  CJ McCollum , Chris Paul,  Karl Anthony Towns

First Coach fired:  Terry Stotts

Hope you are renting (trade bait):  Tobias Harris but Marc Gasol is sneaky name if Memphis season goes as expected

Conference Finals:  Golden State vs Oklahoma City aka Petty Championship of the World


MVP, DPOY, Scoring Champion: Anthony Davis

Rookie of the Year: Collin Sexton or Luca Doncic

Coach of the Year:  Billy Donovon

Most Improved Player:  Jeremy Lamb, Charlotte

Sixth Man Of The Year:  Kyle Kuzma , LA Lakers is my dark horse but its Lou Will forever

NBA Finals: Golden State 4-2 over Boston

Summer ’19: The biggest free agent class since 2010 plus more money on the cap tops anything we have ever seen.  My way-too-early predictions are : Golden State with 3-peat in hand loses two of its core and many of the top FA’s change cities.

Here is your receipt, I’m sure you all will remind how wrong I am (lol).

Let the season begin!