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94 Feet of Life is designed for the folks that have a passion for the game.  Our core  provides information beyond the typical narratives.  We seek out the tendencies and the “why” behind the successes and the failures of your favorite player and/or team.  We provide an unbiased outlook on the game where we utilize experience, stats, and game film (#FilmOverFeelings) to drive our material.  Most important, we provide the opportunity for you to meet some of the most brilliant basketball minds that you have never heard of.  Let’s meet the staff.

Jay Hamm-The  Historian

Hamm is the founder of Hamm’s Cookies and the ambassador of the Petty Sports Network.  Here at 94, he is our go to guy for hoop history.  Hamm is known for providing insight from a historical point of view.  He has an uncanny ability of putting things into perspective and digging deeper than the narrative that is placed in front of us.  Hamm is a true student of the game.

Big Shot Ron-The Point Guard

Big Shot is the engine of 94 Feet.  He sets the table for everyone to share their thoughts and also provide the people with gems of information.  Although Big Shot provides extremely intriguing insight, he is best known for setting up his counter parts and guests with brain stumping questions and promotional plugs.  He provides the podcasts and the blogs with pinpoint structure and flow.

Trav-The Swiss Army Knife

Trav’s ability to fit in and adapt to any situation makes him the most versatile out of the bunch.  This speaks volumes considering that all of the staff is pretty versatile in their own right.  Trav is able to break down live footage, explain what’s going on in the game, and the importance of the skills and teamwork.

M.J.-The Wild Card

Probably the most unpredictable 94 Feet member, MJ brings a nice blend of wisdom and ignorance to the table.  One day you may get an intricate breakdown of a basketball philosophy.  The next day you may get a profanity laced rant about a cliché that bothers him or a random story that seemingly has no direction until he ties it all together in the end.  We really don’t know…

Friends of the program

Jerm SoTru-Radio Personality
Ty Love-Host of “Layered Views”
Worldwide Les-New 94 Feet Panelist
Suga-Hands in E’vrything
The Moore Brothers-Ball U Academy
Meet The Bullucks-James, Brian and Chris Bulluck
Greg Jones-AKA The Ghost
Shonrell  #EveryKneeForItself

Basketball for the People…By The People!

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