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Giannis Rules…

Giannis Rules…

Milwaukee and Boston are about to get ready for an epic series and 94 Feet got you covered. I think Boston will have their hands full with the Greak Freek. But, as great as he has been, I noticed some things that can be used to get the timely stops needed to swing the series.

Two things Giannis have done all season…the first thing is his spin move (this is when he has no other moves to do but he is long enough to spin and dunk from where ever he is on the floor) I’ll let PGC basketball break this down for you…

The second thing he likes to do is the last minute mid air pass. The video example below is a nasty dime that worked in his favor. However, this is also a bad habit he has developed because he is used to doing what he wants. Every coach in America teaches their kids not to leave the ground for a pass. Giannis makes a living doing this.

The first one can’t be guarded one on one, but the second one is a fundamental flaw that can be exploited. If I am Brad Stevens, this is what I would do…

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Scouting report on Giannis. Main defender cut off the drive, help side sits on the spin…when he jumps in the air, help side rotates to the nearest open man while he is stuck in the air trying to make a jump pass. So, it’s a double team show and recover. Meaning that you actually double team him until he jumps in the air, once that happens, the initial defender needs to trace the ball for a possible block, steal or pass deflection, and the help man who double team needs to sprint back to the nearest wing or corner, causing the defensive help to shift in unison. As long as one of the remaining three guys that are in help side can at least close out the initial pass that Giannis throws, it will give the guy who is double teaming time to rotate and take away the shooter’s looks when that second or third pass is made. Extremely unorthodox style of defense in a sense that you shouldn’t leave the ball when it’s active. But, Giannis has showed this tendency and you can force some timely turnovers or bad shots on him if this is executed. Most important, you make someone else beat you, or you force Giannis to score off balanced. Yeah, he can make tough shots, but if you play the percentages, you will end up on top.

Thanks for reading and tuning in…we will be back soon!

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