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SFFA Contract…Act Now!!!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of your favorite sports team??? Do they routinely disappoint you season after season??? Why continue to put yourself through misery due to the ineptness of your favorite team’s managerial staff???

Free yourselves from this misery by applying for Sports Fan Free Agency (just click on the Sports Fan Free Agency Contract link¬†below to begin). This contract contains several clauses that will keep your interest in the game. Let’s be real. These sports teams aren’t loyal. Neither are the players. So why maintain loyalty while they make all the money? Meanwhile they won’t even send you a free t-shirt.

This is the ideal contract for fans that despise people they never even met before (Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James). Also works wonders for fans of upcoming superstars (Anthony Davis, Rob Gronkowski, Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Stephen Curry)

“I’m a huge fan of the NBA. Sure I live in Memphis and support the Grizz. But when they were knocked out of the Playoffs by the Golden St Warriors, I told people the Warriors would win it all…and they did. Instant gratification as a hoop head, simply from knowing what the hell I was talking about *thumbs up with a smile*”
Jay Hamm– Basketball Historian from 94 Feet of Life

Are you gonna let being called a bandwagon fan stop you from supporting who you wish??? I know I won’t. Opt out today, and college football is included free of charge. End the misery. Enjoy the game. And tell em that 94 Feet Of Life put you on game.

This message is copyrighted and paid for by the Law Firm of Hamm, Jenkins and Anderson aka 94 Feet of Life.