Is It Really Anything New?

“This league is so watered down.  In my day, players would have never went to a rival team!  They would have wanted to beat them!”


Really?  Ok, well, let’s take a trip down memory lane.


Boston 2007-08-Acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to join Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics.  They were past their prime, right? Ok…the season before that trade, Ray Allen avg 26.4 PPG at Seattle, KG avg 22.4, 12.8 and 4.1 in Minnesota and Paul Pierce avg 25.0 PPG.  Damn, how did they manage to gut out an 82 game season being on their last leg the way they were?



2003-04 Lakers- Shaq, Kobe, Karl and GP…But they were on the verge of retirement so I guess it’s cool, huh?  Karl Malone avg 20.6, 7.8 and 4.7 the season before he went to the Lakers.  Gary Payton played with Seattle and Milwaukee the year before he teamed up with the Lakers. Yeah, um 20.8 PPG, 8.8 APG and 1.8 SPG for the Glove before that move was made.  Do yall really want me to pull up Shaq and Kobe’s stats during that last year?


1996-97 Rockets- Charles Barkley teamed up with Drexler (who was the man in Portland), the Dream (lost to the Dream twice in the Western Conference Semifinals in 94 and 95), later Scottie (lost to the Bulls in the 1993 NBA Finals)


1995-96 Bulls- Acquired the most hated Piston in the history of the Bulls fan base in Dennis Rodman (Hall of Famer) and ended up winning 3 more championships.  By the way, they also had 2 other players from that rival team that was a part of the bench as well in John Salley and James Edwards.  Our era will never join the rivals!  We want to beat them!  Aight…


(1987-1990) Detroit “Bad Boy” Pistons-Mark Aguirre #1 and Zeke #2 in the 1981 draft. Oh they also are homies from back in the day in West Chicago.  The trade happened while both were in their 8th season in the NBA.  Aguirre was avg. 22.4 at the time he was traded.


1981-86 Celtics- Despite winning a championship in 1981, they made a trade to bring in former All Star PG Dennis Johnson during his 8th season of the league in attempt to check the Boston Strangler, Andrew Toney. Why didn’t they feel like they should just have more pride and beat the 76ers?  By the way, that made them have a total of 5 Hall of Famers (3 of those were Finals MVP, two were league MVP at one time or another)


Showtime Lakers- drafted Magic #1 overall as a playoff team, Worthy #1 overall as a World Champion, and Byron Scott 4th overall as a Finals runner up, all as a result of lopsided trades that allowed them to have those picks.  (Those were acquired in the draft and building in the draft is acceptable to fans so we will leave this alone for real).


1982-83 Sixers- Moses Malone won 2 MVPs and a trip to the Finals in Houston. Signed an offer sheet to Philly (who just lost in the Finals). Houston matched and traded him to Philly anyway. Got what he wanted. And we know the rest…the only other time in NBA history that the last two players to win MVP played together the following season with Doc and Moses.


The Knicks of the 70’s- Earl Monroe of the Bullets teamed up with Walt Clyde Frazier and the New York Knicks during his 5th season.  He was avg around 24 PPG before the trade happened.



Here is half a decade worth of proof that building stacked teams have been going on.  So, why are the masses really mad?  Is it because players now have the power to create their own path without the owner intervening?  Do we have the same anger towards owners who trade players that are no longer productive?  That’s good business right?  But it’s not good business for a player to see an opportunity to be a part of something special?  I’m not here to judge.  I’m only here to provide the facts.


Co-Published by Myron Jenkins and Jay Hamm

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