Addition By Subtraction?

We approaching the climax of the first half of the season and frustration is starting to show for some.  Unfortunately, there is only one team that can win.  So, when a player is making sacrifices for the sake of the team and they aren’t winning, players start to reevaluate some things.  “I need more shots…”  or “This system aint letting me be great…”  or “This player be doin too much”…it’s human nature.  Big Shot and MJ put on our psychology hats and to break down the psychology behind it and who is really responsible.  Tune in to get tuned in…

*Side note*  Calling Embiid and Jokic the best bigs in the game was referring to pure Centers and I personally apologize for leaving off AD.  AD is a top 3 player in this league so us not mentioning him was nothing more than an error.

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Addition by Subtraction?


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