One on One Exclusive with Craig Hodges

94 Feet of Life is humbled to welcome a basketball pioneer and a community trailblazer to the podcast.  Myron picks the brain of 3 time NBA Three Point Champion and 2 time NBA champion, Craig Hodges to discuss his thoughts on the Finals, his 30 for 30 Episode “The Letter” and his thoughts on getting back to loving each other and helping each other succeed in the community.  PLEASE LISTEN AND SHARE!

If you are in the Park Forest area, you can join him at the Sapphire Room, Friday night on June 26, 2015.  He will be speaking on ways to develop economic growth and values needed to build up the poverty reddened communities in America. “To much is given… much is required!”


94 Feet of Life

Basketball for the People… By the People!

Basketball for the People…By The People!

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