Indiana Edition: Hoosier Evolution?

94 Feet has brought you an exclusive live from Indiana.  Unfortunately, Big Shot Ron and Jay Hamm couldn’t be with us for this one. However, this podcast needs to be heard by every kid that want’s to play college or pro, every parent that wants their kid to play college or pro, and everyone else that loves this game.  We have 2015 High School City Coach of the Year in Indianapolis, Coach Phillip Washington (Head Coach for Crispus Attacks H.S.) and one of the top AAU Coaches in the state, Coach Jerome Jordan (Head Coach for Spiece Indy Heat).  Join us as we CANDIDLY discuss the issues of today’s game, the politics and corruption behind the scenes of AAU and HS  basketball, and what the top coaches REALLY look for in a recruit. Don’t forget to check out the videos below…


Click this link to view the video and help bring Coach Phillip Washington home #BRINGHIMHOME

Click this link to check out the video and subscribe to Coach Jerome Jordan’s YouTube page.


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Basketball for the people… By the people!


Basketball for the People…By The People!

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