Rage Against the Machine

The Machine…
It has a way of controlling the overall perception of things just by how it presents it. You can be billed as “The Next…”, “The Phenom, or perhaps “The Chosen One” (heard that one before huh). Automatically, you’ll have fans and media that will buy into the hype, and just as many, if not more who are quick to denounce it. It’s a natural occurrence. However, we’ve seen time and time again that the media will turn on a media darling rapidly. And all it takes is for one thing to be done/said by the media darling player that THEY don’t agree with for the entire narrative and perception of the athlete to change. In the NBA, we’ve seen tons of examples, probably going all the way back to the 1960’s if not earlier. Today, with social media becoming the top source for information, the building up and tearing down of players has been taken to another level. The best example of this in today’s game…LeBron James. LeBron is the first superstar of the social media boom, and he uses the platform thoroughly. A sure fire media darling for his first seven seasons in the NBA, that all changed one night in July 2010… 
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One “decision” and LeBron went from hero to villain. Thus, the narrative of “hoping to see him lead the Cavs to glory”, became “he had to join forces” or “he had to create a super team”. And the fans ate it up. While those narratives are true, the negative spin on it…absolutely bullshit. Just my opinion. I can never be critical of anyone that can upgrade the environment around them in attempt to reach an ultimate goal. And yes, the ultimate goal was reached. Yet, the negative narratives didn’t stop there. The reason they continued is simple…doing it the way he wanted actually worked.  Most important, how the machine builds and destroys it’s next victim, ALWAYS works.  But, in a generation where having access to billions of information in a matter of seconds is the norm, why does this approach still work?
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It works because for most of us, it’s easier for us to judge others than to put ourselves out there to be judged…
As much as folks act like they don’t care if people like them or what others think about them, it’s a front.  They need validation!  They need to feel like they know what they are talking about or that they are the best in the world.  It’s got so bad to the point that the people who really don’t give a damn about what others think about them…usually gets all of the fame and publicity.  It’s not even about substance anymore.  If you are confident and your GAF levels are low enough, the machine will use you until you say something that crosses the line.  Then, it will turn on you!  That’s the beauty about the machine. Anybody can get built up and brought down…even it’s own employees.  It only knows how to use because it’s purpose is to push its own agenda.  But, we rely on this machine time and time again.  Even the folks who can provide great information and doesn’t fear being judged.  They are too busy…so they say.  In actuality, they don’t feel like putting in the work.  Which means…
It also works because we are a lazy culture…
Nobody wants to look up every stat or study every nuance of a player’s game in order to make a decision as to how good this player is.  You almost have to be infatuated with the game to the point where obsession becomes intriguing.  It’s fun for us watching hours of game film to find that slight weakness.  We enjoy studying ways to beat your favorite team or humanize your favorite player.  We also respect the level of greatness and the work that it takes to get there. So, the hours we put in doesn’t seem like a chore…it’s our place of peace.  The normal fan like…
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So, the best way to get what they need is to listen to an expert.  But what if that “expert” is pushing an agenda?  What if that “expert” works for a big corporation that is pushing an agenda?  It dilutes and dissolves the product.  But, it’s just like cooking.  It’s easier to order from a place that gets paid to cook than to cook yourself because it saves time and we assume that people who get paid to do something are really good at it.  Therefore, it’s okay to complain and pick them apart because they are getting paid money to do this.  Well, complaining isn’t a wrong approach.  Just remember, you don’t have to eat at that restaurant.  In other words…
Don’t Let The Television Tell Your Vision!
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7 thoughts on “Rage Against the Machine”

    1. Because he is winning and the machine is giving people a healthy dose of him on the regular. Plus, he led his team to 73 victories in a season, a record that was supposed to be impossible to break. Winning a title that year makes them the best team to every play…people don’t like when someone steps on their hero’s cape.

  1. Great read. It’s important that we understand who is operating the machine. We living in a cycle of generational programming, where kids are being programmed as early as 5 years old and so we become reliant on the machine until the cycle is broken which in some cases it never is. Shout out to you guys though for trying to break the cycle.

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