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I was born and raised in Indiana, home of the movie, “Hoosiers”.  You know, that movie where a bunch of small town kids go and beat a powerhouse in the state championship?  A real tear jerker… one of the best basketball movies ever filmed.  It was the reason why people thought that basketball and Indiana are one and the same.  It was even based on a true story, which poured into the hearts of every underdog in America.  “If Hickory High can do it… We Can Do It!”  Well, I hate to be a bearer of bad news but a few things were left out.  What you may not know about that story is that the team that the Hoosiers (AKA the Milan Indians) beat in the Semi State Championship was Crispus Attucks, led by a Sophomore by the name of Oscar Robertson because two of their  star players on that team didn’t play in that game.  One of those two players that didn’t play was All State…and I aint talkin insurance.  This is not to take away anything from Milan.  Milan won the title fair and square because they can only play who is in front of them…just also remember that Attucks went on to win the 1955 and 1956 State Championships the next two years.  I am saying that to say this…
In order to beat the great teams…you not only need to be a great team yourself, you are also going to need a little help…
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The greatest team I’ve ever labbed was the the 1985 Lakers. You had the greatest PG of all time (standing 6’9″ by the way, so he is an automatic mismatch) orchestrating one of the fastest paced offenses we have ever seen (Pace was at a 103.2.  To put it in perspective, the New Orleans Pelicans led the league in pace this year…at 102.7)
Now, it’s hard enough to worry about Showtime.  But let’s just say your favorite team came up with the perfect way to slow them down in a possession.  Well, when they got into a half court set, they threw it down low to the all time leading scorer in NBA history with the most unstoppable move in NBA history…
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They also picked up this former MVP just because…yeah, THEY HAD A FORMER MVP COMING OFF THEIR BENCH!
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Looking at this team tells me 2 things.  One, anyone that is crying about collusion in today’s game clearly forgot about the 80’s.  And two, when you piece together incredible talent and mix it with chemistry, great coaching, and a great work ethic, there isn’t much you can do.  This game has always been about haves vs have nots. All you can do is stack your roster to match the other teams weapons, play the game and hope you are in position to pull it out.
Which brings me to this season…
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This Golden State team gives me that same feel considering how perfect a team’s rotations have to be on defense to counter all of the ball and player movement they do to get an open look for two of the best shooters in history, only for them to give the ball to the third best shooter in the league AND top five offensive players we have ever seen in 35 and let him go one on one when you stop the initial offense. Oh, and for S & G’s they picked up Cousins…smh.
They are different in approach but are eerily similar in this regard…
You can only beat them by playing perfect…and I think the teams below are capable of playing them perfect 4 times in a series…
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The problem is that it will still come down to a last second shot by KD, Steph, Klay Thompson, or even Boogie…good luck with that.


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